Features To Look Out For While Buying a Concrete Mixer and Pump

The concrete mixer and pump have become one of the most important machines to be used in the construction industry. Tons of concrete has to be mixed in the appropriate portions every hour when a huge house or a property is being built. The concrete mixer and pump that is used should be able to produce the required amount of output to make sure that the construction process is carried on smoothly. But if you are buying this machine for the first time, here are some of the features that you should look for and compare with several machines before buying one:
1. Delivery cylinder
The delivery cylinder is a very crucial component of the concrete mixer and pump. It is the cog that runs the entire unit and you need to pay special attention to this feature. They are available in 140 x 180 mm, 140 x 1100 mm, and 180 x 800 mm. Although there are three different capacities available, it will be best to decide the duration of the project and the projects to come after that. You should get a unit that is balanced from all ends and so the 140 x 1100 mm and 180 x 800 mm variant will be best suited for all sorts of projects.
2. Maximum delivery distance
There are two ways to calculate the maximum delivery distance of the concrete mixer and pump: horizontal and vertical. The horizontal distance can vary from 100m, 600m, to 700m while the vertical distance can vary from 30m, 120m, to 150m. Again, you should be looking at the maximum productivity of the unit. 
concrete mixer pump
3. Capacity of charge and discharge
There are potentially two best variants that are available for this feature. The capacity of charge for an ideal concrete mixer and pump should be 200 or 560 l. Even the biggest machines use 560 l as its charge capacity. The capacity of discharge is comparatively different though. Here also you will find two variants, 300 and 350 l and it will be better to opt for the latter. The ones with a lower capacity are also good and will be pocket-friendly but if you want to get a unit that will be suitable for bigger projects, then, always choose the 560 and 350 l variant. Click this page to learn more.
4. Diameter of the pipes
There are two outlets that have the function of pipes in this machine. One is the delivery pipe and the other is the main outlet. It is quite natural that a bigger machine will have pipes with bigger diameters than the smaller ones. So, you should be looking at something between 100 to 125 mm for the main outlet opening diameter. For the inner diameter of the delivery pipe, the size varies from 80 mm to 100 mm to 125 mm. The bigger the diameter, the smoother the concrete mix will flow through them. 
These are some of the most important features that your concrete mixer and pump should have. Make sure you compare a few before buying. Visit this website to learn further:

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