Advantages Of Concrete Mixer Pumps - What Are They?

The 21st century is known as the age of technological advancement.  This does not extend only to the area of technological gadgets, but also the construction industry.  Nowadays, mixing, transporting, and moving concrete is no longer a challenging task as it was in previous years.  Using the advanced concrete mixer pumps in construction projects has made manual mixing of concrete obsolete.  This article will provide information on the different advantages of concrete mixer pumps when used on construction sites.

1.  Labor Saving Services

In previous years, concrete was mixed using manual labor or using a single mini concrete mixer.  This was not a problem for smaller construction projects, but the larger and more complex projects faced difficulties in this area.  When using manual concrete mixing on larger projects, it was necessary to hire a lot of workers to accomplish a single task in a given period - mixing the concrete.  In these situations, the mixing and moving of the concrete was a time-consuming act and, as can be seen, highly labor-intensive.

The introduction and implementation of the concrete mixer pump is beneficial because it saves labor requirements (and costs).  This electronic machine not only eliminates the need for many workers to mix concrete, but will also mix the concrete in a shorter amount of time.  The pump is able to position itself alongside the structure for construction making movement of concrete much simpler and faster.  Evidence has shown that the use of concrete mixer pumps saves approximately 50% of labor costs in construction projects.

2.  Increases Production Levels

Concrete is the primary ingredient required during construction and slow mixing of this material during the project lowers the rate of production.  This lowered rate of production is due to the lowered work rate, which is evident with manual mixing techniques.  Needless to say, concrete pump mixers are beneficial in that they increase production by combining the function of a reverse drum mixer and a concrete pump.

concrete mixer pump

When using a concrete mixer pump, construction will become quicker because the pump can mix large quantities of concrete in shorter periods of time.  Using a hydraulic system, it is also easy to move concrete to different positions and heights making offloading simpler.  The speedy work rate, therefore, contributes to increased daily production levels (as is mentioned above). Learn more about máy trộn kết hợp bơm bê tông here.

3.  Effective Mixing Techniques

Another of the advantages of concrete mixer pumps is that the machine is highly effective in mixing concrete.  This is due to the system used by the pump.  The machine utilizes a tilting drum that is fitted with revolving agitators causing concrete to be mixed intensively.  At the same time, the concrete is mixed according to specific settings as controlled by the different contractors.

Concrete mixer pumps are beneficial in that they mix the correct proportion of ingredients to make the required amount of concrete.  This means that it will remove any excess water or cement during the mixing procedure.  When using manual processes, the concrete may not be mixed effectively and this could affect the overall construction of the building. Visit this website to learn further:

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