What Factors Influencing Prices of Concrete Mixer Pumps

A concrete mixer pump is a unique combination of a concrete mixer paired with a concrete pump and tubing system to deliver concrete where it is needed. The combination allows you to mix your concrete and move it without needing multiple pieces of equipment or using wheelbarrows.

Prices of concrete mixer pumps vary depending on capacity of the mixer, power of the pump, and accessories. Prices can start under $1000 for small mixers and pumps used for brick laying and other small masonry jobs. Large mixer and pump combinations can be priced over $30,000.

The initial thing you will have to do is determine the quantity of concrete you have got to mix and utilize on a daily basis. This can help you determine the correct size of mixer to your company. You will see that most specifications provide you with a theoretical output an hour. As an example, one larger concrete mixer with pump states it might produce 40 cubic meters of concrete per hour. This is a theoretical number that sounds great on paper and definitely will not happen in real world applications.

concrete mixer pump

You will not be 100% efficient in producing concrete, getting it pumped to the correct location, and poured. You should select a size that may overproduce concrete to meet your needs. Click here to get more info. If you are going to work with 40 cubic meters of concrete each hour, you will likely want a concrete mixer that could produce 60 cubic meters each hour. This lets you usually have concrete ready, rather than having workers standing waiting for the upcoming mix to be completed.

Make sure to consider down times together with your mixer and pumping system, also. You will need time and energy to clean the mixing drum, pump, chutes and pipes hence they maintain efficiency.

Understand that most mixers and pumps are priced without having the pipes and chutes needed for your jobs. Estimate what scale of jobs you will normally work on, the distance through the mixer in your most distant pour, along with the level of concrete you can expect to move. This will likely help with choosing the pipes and chutes you will require along with your mixer.

Getting a precise price requires discussing your expections with the equipment dealer. They can provide a correct quote to suit your needs. You should evaluate brands based on over price, also. Be sure you check just how long the warranty period is. Also, determine if service can be purchased in your city. Visit this website to learn more:

Used concrete mixer pumps will save you money initially, but consider additional future costs of repairs. The warranty on new equipment may often save you money through the lifetime of your pump.

In case you purchase equipment locally? Local sellers can often offer better service. Online equipment sellers frequently offer more affordable prices on concrete mixers and pumps, but may be unable to service your equipment as easily. As we discussed, receiving the right mixer is not only about price. You need to evaluate cost, service, warranty, location, as well as your needs in order to get the right equipment.


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