Types and Benefits of Concrete Mixer with Pump

A concrete mixer with pump is amongst the most popular construction equipment. This machine perfectly integrates the functions of any concrete mixer plus a concrete pump. Consequently concrete production and concrete pumping can be carried out using the same machine. There are several advantages that this sort of arrangement brings, which explains why a growing number of project managers are investing in this particular machine.

Speed, cost, convenience, flexibility and efficiency are one of the top considerations when handling any kind of construction project. And this is just what you get using a concrete pump with mixer. This equipment has a variety of application from housing constructions, tunnels, bridges, sea wall constructions, slope protection projects, ground beam projects to name a few. Visit to learn more.

There are 2 main types of concrete mixer pumps, and this will depend on the kind of engine employed to drive them

- Diesel Concrete Mixer with Pump

This particular mixer pump utilizes a diesel engine. It will depend on the combustion of fuel to generate power. It is actually popular due to the fact that you can use it in any construction no matter the availability of power. It includes project managers lots of flexibility and are generally better capable of taking on any kind of project.

concrete mixer pump

- Electric Concrete Mixer with Pump

As being the name suggests, this sort of mixer pump utilizes electricity. Thus, it really is suitable for city projects and urban constructions where there is a sufficient source of electricity. Such areas, they provide top rated and reliability. The electric version is preferred mainly because it offers a greener alternative.

Listed below are some great benefits of buying a concrete mixer with pump. Read further here:

1. Saves On Equipment Cost

As an alternative to buying two different machines, a concrete mixer with pump enables you to buy two machines for the price tag on one. In fact, it is able to effectively produce and pump concrete. Should you be having a small-scale to medium-scale project, then this is a practical investment.

2. Saves on Space

In case you are working on a web site that has limited then having kinds of equipment at the scene only makes your needs worse. Furthermore, where and how you will store your equipment can add up to the whole costs, thus the lesser equipment you have the more cost-efficient any project will be.

3. Simplicity of Transportation

The concrete mixer pump features a compact and modular design that makes it much easier to transport. As an alternative to using different trucks for a variety of components or machines, just one truck is sufficient transport. This machine also includes portability features making the method even easier.

4. Quick Installation

A concrete mixer with pump doesn't need a concrete foundation and can easily be setup within any construction site. After reaching the site it can be placed in the required site and construction work may start immediately.

As we discussed, there are lots of benefits to gain from choosing a concrete mixer with pump. However, you should compare different suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that you are becoming the best deal.

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