Tips on Choosing A Portable Asphalt Plant in Indonesia

For any contractor dealing with road construction, any investment they make should be well-thought out. This is the case when it comes to asphalt plants. Asphalt plants are very capital intensive. Additionally, this equipment tends to be very difficult to load off in the market after the acquisition. 

With this in mind, purchasing an asphalt plant should be considered as a long-term investment. Therefore, the main objective while choosing an asphalt plant is to ensure that it meets your current needs, but also your future needs. In this regard, a haste purchase of an asphalt plant is the last thing any contractor wants.

The same case applies even to mobile asphalt plants. While the portability element increases its versatility, it is also important to ensure that it can serve your needs perfectly. This read explores some of the elements that you need to consider while purchasing a mobile asphalt plant in Indonesia.

#1. Ease Of Mobility – This element is unique to mobile plants. Since portable plants are meant to be moved around, there is a need to ensure that the mobility element of the plant is up to scratch. The plant you choose should be easy to pack for moving and easy to actually move. Granted that the larger the plant (in terms of size as well as production capacity) the larger the transport needs, the process should be easy. 

You should note that in terms of mobility, portable plants can be designed to be towed by anything from one truck to three tracks.

#2. Production Capacity – With regards to production capacity, it is important to ensure the plant can meet your production needs. The production rate of asphalt plants is rated on a tons per hour basis; this rating will determine the production capacity. However, it is not just a matter of choosing the production rate that sounds good to you. You should analyze the current market for your hot mix, project future growth only them choose a production capacity that is befitting. Get detailed info here:

portable asphalt plant

Additionally, you should keep in mind factors such as the estimated production capacity within a specified time. For a higher production capacity, you need a higher rated plant. You also need to consider the working hours in relation to your overall production needs. If you need 4,000 tons per day from an 8-hour working day, then the overall production capacity of the plant should meet this target. 

#3. Specifications Of The Plant Components – At this point, it is important to ensure that the specifications of the plant need to be attuned to your needs and optimized for efficiency. For instance, the Cold Feed Bins needs to match the types of aggregate you will be using. If you will be working with 4 aggregates and even sand, ensure that the cold feed you buy has at least 5 befitting bins.

With regards to the total number, capacity, and design of the asphalt tanks, it will depend on the location of the supplier. However, this is a portable plant, you will be well-served by purchasing a mobile tank.

As for the hot mix storage tanks, you need a storage tank will match your production capacity enough. Keep in mind that once the plant produces more hot mix than your storage facilities can handle, the plant has o be shut down leading to production inefficiencies and cost-overruns. Keep in mind the rate of evacuation of the hot mix asphalt. Visit AIMIX in Indonesia to get nice asphalt plants.

The purpose of this bit is to get a plant that will match your needs in terms of production efficiency and costs and the cost of acquisition of the plant.

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