Just What Are Self-Loading Concrete Mixers

If you are considering determining more about what self-loading concrete mixers are and why they are a great piece of machinery for construction companies, keep reading to find out everything you should know about this particular equipment.

What Are Self-Loading Concrete Mixers?

Because the name implies, these types of mixers are designed and employed to offer more convenience at construction sites. This is a result of their design.

These concrete mixer trucks provide portability, and also this also means they are a fantastic component of transportable equipment that one could have driven right to the job site. It will be on demand and able to be used whenever concrete is essential. Read further at this page:

How Are Self-Loading Concrete Mixers Designed?

One important feature about most of these mixers are their design. They can be simply a combination of two different other mixers, a cement mixer plus a concrete mixer.

Self-loading mixers can not merely load, but they may also mix and estimate the specified final output automatically and without human intervention. The machinery will offer you contractors everything that they will have to complete construction projects punctually in one package.

self loading mixer

When it comes to the strength and scale of this type of mixer, it only is sensible which it will have a powerful and enormous engine and also four-wheel steering. This makes certain that the mixer truck will not become stuck at the site, especially after it is transporting a huge load of concrete.

Furthermore, self-loading concrete mixers are designed to transport other kinds of materials which might be needed to mix the concrete. By way of example, these mixers are able to carry and transport cement, aggregate and stone. Learn further here.

You could possibly expect that with one machine that is able to handle all of the materials needed at the construction site, a self-loading concrete mixer delivers a one-stop solution for transporting and preparing concrete at any moment.


The main benefit most of these concrete mixers offer will be the epitome of versatility and efficiency. As mentioned before, this simply because that these particular mixer trucks can create a large output of a trusted concrete mix with little skill or effort required. Because of this the sole human intervention these machines need is with the setup and breakdown processes.

This is the reason why self-loading concrete mixers have grown to be the key choice for construction companies and contractors that have to focus on large projects. They are doing not want to handle delays in obtaining the right machine on the work site when concrete is needed. With a self-loading mixer, that has stopped being a problem.


There are many drawbacks to using this type of machinery as well. The one of the majority of concern for construction companies may be the price. These appliances can be very expensive, and a lot of smaller companies may be unable to pay for the initial investment.

However, larger construction companies or perhaps other businesses might be willing to rent their concrete mixers for construction projects which need quality work and efficiency.

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