Buy Concrete Pump In Indonesia For Your Construction Projects

Mobile concrete pumps have been uniquely designed and engineered to cater to the requirements of small-scale building and construction projects. Operating large capacity concrete pumping equipment on a small job site would be impractical. Furthermore, small to mid-sized construction businesses are unlikely to see a return on investment anytime in the near future if they invest in a super capacity concrete pump designed for mass-scale industrial construction, as such pumps can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The great thing about opting to buy a concrete pump in Indonesia is that there are lots of portable models available. Portable devices have smaller pumping volume capacities, however, they still offer high-level performance and they are much more affordable to the average local construction business. What's more, mobile concrete pumps from reputable Indonesia manufacturers are built from high-quality components, so they have no issues coping with intensive, heavy-duty usage.

If you run a small to medium-size business in the construction industry, a mini mobile concrete pump is almost certain to be a valuable investment. From day one you should notice increased productivity on job sites as automatic concrete pumping is much faster than traditional manual concrete pouring. You can also expect to benefit from a healthier workforce, as concrete pumps eliminate the backbreaking physical labor involved with manual concrete pouring procedures. Wet concrete is very heavy and transporting it around a worksite in buckets (or perhaps wheelbarrows) can be very tough on human workers.

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When it comes to cost, mobile concrete pump prices are now more affordable than ever thanks to lots of competition in the market. Many businesses that used to rely on renting construction machinery, like concrete pumps, by the hour can now afford to purchase their own equipment and enjoy larger profits over the long term. Learn more at


The output capacity of a typical mobile concrete pump varies from around 15 cubic meters per hour to 60 cubic meters per hour. All models will have the output capacity stated on the product specification sheet. Before exploring portable concrete pumping machines for sale online, you need to determine the average hourly concrete pouring requirements of your company. This is because you don't want to risk investing in an underpowered device.

In addition to looking at the capacity of different models, you also need to consider the power source. There are diesel portable concrete pumps and electric mobile concrete pumps available. There are pros and cons to each type, so you need to weigh up which option would be best for your construction firm. Refer to AIMIX Indonesia to learn more.

Electric concrete pumps have the advantage of being more energy-efficient, less noisy and better for the environment. However, they require access to a stable electricity supply, which might not be available in many rural areas. Consequently, businesses that work in more remote areas tend to prefer diesel-powered concrete pumps. It's up to you to determine which type would be the best-suited to the types of construction projects your business takes on. Buyer research is key to getting the best construction equipment.

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